Sunday, July 21, 2013

Restaurants at Roscoe Rd

Hi everyone,
Long time no see , well with the economy the way it is we try to cut down our budget, and we have not going out to eat as much as I would like to, and besides my business is really crazy right now, its taking all my time most of the days I'm getting home around 7 at night and with a little boy at home I almost have no time for my blog, but I still love to write and I'm learning a lot too, as you may notice English is not my primary language ( by the way, I'm looking for a English tutor for over a year now and just seems like not one is available )  back to what is important  at least here( lol)
     Saturday we decided to go for a lunch at Lulu's at Roscoe and Omg let me tell you how disappointed we were : their menu is only for fish lovers and we are not, so I think I could stop writing right? but I will not, almost  every item on menu was sea food , they had nothing for a simple small lunch but we were there, so we had to stay ...
     We had chicken teriak kabob  my husband was able to eat his but  I??? I do not remember eating nothing like that before and not in a good way . I end up hungry wishing I had never gone there for lunch.... so disappointed....
     So for today this is all but I have a lot more to write about Roscoe restaurants .