Monday, August 5, 2013


     We spent the weekend in Orlando took my son to universal studios and of course went out to eat a lot and as usual we had some new and exciting experiences, yesterday night went to Joe's Crab shack, and I loved not so much my son and husband, what I can tell you is if you are not a seafood lover this is not the place for you, they do not know how to prepare a simple mini hamburgers or a steak they both were uneatable I felt sorry for both of them but I loved my order: Steam pot delicious and just the way I love , so so good  and the place is great too if you are in the mood for some music and great seafood they are the place, ha! and on the middle the wait staff stop and start dancing so cool my son had a blast and I did too, was the perfect way to finish  our weekend  in Orlando.
       Remember if you are not seafood fan do not go there, because that's all they know, I honest think that they should eliminate the meat items out of their menu would be much better for them and less disappointing for the customers that come looking for meat. MEAT IS NOT THEIR THING.
        Price also is not bad very expected and affordable
        I love it but my husband and son did not because they do not eat seafood.
        Now you have to come out here and try them and see for yourself and remember :if is good and look good EAT IT .:-)


     Wow ! that's right! wow! every time we come here is an amazing experience, the food always soooo good , the kitchen staff knows what they are doing, and they do it well done.
      Because is little pricey(but worth every penny) we don't come here as often as we would like to but every time we come is always a delicious and very nice place to be very nice place to end your day, the ambient , the staff, and the food  is so good.
       Two reminders if you are thinking of coming here: 1 bring a jacket they keep inside freezing . 2 if you have a kid bring something to keep them busy, they are not very kid friendly they do not have a kids menu in a paper no entertainment  for kids so bring your own.
      Besides of those two things everything else here is amazing and worth every penny.
      Good eats everyone! :-)