Sunday, January 27, 2013

Outback Take out (**)

Hi there,
Yea! we did  again, last night Saturday night( Jan 27,2013) but because my husband worked all day and was very tired we decide to order out instead of going out, we choose one of our favorite places to go (Outback Steak House) I'm going to tell you their dinne in experience is great but when it comes to take out  DON'T DO IT,  why? well lets put it this way: packing is horrible, portion sizes is horrible, I think they care less for the take out people, what I find a little upsetting because we paid the same money if we were inside , take out is not a discount price and they treat you like you are having your food for free, you know like they put a little or not any though in packing our dinner and caring for , that was very aggravated.
   Lets talk about their website: really annoying to order from while even chili's make their website so easy to navigate and order from, ,Outback makes exactly the opposite, what i think they do it on purpose so people will not come back and do it online, what also I don't get, if you offer a service than do it well, or don't offer at all.
    I order crab legs I was very excited about it, until it arrived; it said was  a pound  but I don't think tree legs make a pound, asparagus and green beans looked like they were grilled the day before.
    My son want a mac cheese and they manage to mess it up how  do you mess up a mac cheese?
    My husband had beef kabob, that's was funny because only one kabob and that one had only tree pieces of beef in it the rest of the stick was full of peppers  he thought was the veggie kabob, but he was so tired that we just let it go, but cost us over $50  and  a decision to make: NEVER DO A TAKE OUT AT OUTBACK STEAK HOUSE AGAIN.

Cici's Pizza(*)

Hi to you that is reading this, last Sunday afternoon we decided not to go to Panera so I would have something to write, right? bad decision. why? well Cici's has a god name in the Ponte Vedra area and is always full so why not try it, and so we did, the lady that came to help us(waitress) poor thing we had to ask time and time again for the same thing, she brought me a water(tap water) if you live  here you know that this water is not safe to drink I know is not her fault, but I would prefer to pay for my water instead of getting a horrible cup of tap water, that by the way I did not ask for, , I order coke, some how she thought was the same thing, we ask for chocolate milk and he received half cup of chocolate milk, my son was not happy about it,  well we want to keep a budget of $10 per person was a lite lunch, and we did, that was cool we just pay a little under $30, My husband order a chicken sandwich that come with everything on it but the chicken, not kidding some how they forgot to add chicken to the chicken sandwich( funny) but we decide not to say anything, we  were in a good mood, and hes cucumber salad  came with few pieces of cucumber, but you can tell that the main ingredient in the salad was tomatoes, so why not rename the salad to tomato salad? my son's chicken finger came straight out of the microwave, was white and not cooked at all, poor baby he did not like it at all.  My salad was good the greens were fresh and crispy I like that and my sandwich a small one also was good, but it took so long for the food to arrive that we thought they had forgot us, seriously, well that was another bad choice, but I still want to try their pizza, maybe we will have better luck with that.
Thank you for your time. :-)

Friday, January 18, 2013


well! here again! I was a little to busy with work and forgot to take care of myself, got a little sick,(today  friday night ) we were supossed to go out is our family night thing but I have a bladder infection , I know not fun at all feeling lots of pain and taking antibiotic not my favorite thing, my young boy is sleeping and I can go to sleep because of my pain so I'm catching up with my writings,last sunday(01/13/13) we visited Tombos a famous place in Philips hgwy, I used to love there a few years back we used to go there all the time for breakfeast homemade food fast services, real flavor, thats the way used to be , but for a not very good surprise last sunday the food nor the services wass good???? yea! thats how I felt, I felt like asking what happen? because the services was so slow, we asked for a chocolate milk for my son and the lady made sure to clean all the tables before and then we asked again for our chocolate and she said :"its coming." so I thought someone else was making right? but no, after she finished all the tables not kidding she went to the fridge with the most ugly face on grab a gallon of milk and finally started making the chocolate milk.... I was puzzled, but well until then we did not knowthat the food was going to be bad, we thought was all worth for the food, wrong, after a long wait what never had happen before the food came and  you can tell that they change the cooker and maybe the owner, I don't know how to explain but we will not going back there for a while specially on a sunday no no no, what was very sad and dessappointeing because we truly loved their food before, my true wish is the some how they read this and maybe fix it because they have a great name now I don't know if they will continue to have, I'm sad! :-(

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Table 21 (**)

January 11,2013 Friday night our family night out, well after a hard day of work I decided to put my happy face on and head we go,tried to go to a new place but very not appropriate for young kids, because my son is only 5 years young You will not read here a bar review,(sorry) I  want to go again to table 21, because my first experience was not so great at all so I decided to give it a try one more time...What was I thinking? waste of my night out.
That's right waste of a good time with family, the place was very full what make me think the people around here have no taste at all they have no idea what good food is, good food is the reason you go to a restaurant right? apparently not, I have no idea how they manage to stay full with that food.
they charge $2.00 for a bread and flat bread has a separate space on the menu and is no in the appetizer , weird and pricey and not that good... I had this idea (stupid) of trying fish tacos, big gigantic no no, never had before and sure will never have it again, let s leave at that.
my son as usual loves mac and cheese  and my husband had steak and was very very dry, so after waiting almost 20 min to be seated, almost 10 min for our waitress come to our table, almost 30 min for our food and paying over $60  we left very disappointed and I know now that I'm not going back there any time soon.
Here is all what I have to say about them and I rest my case now is up to you to decide to give a try or NOT.                                                         

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Panera Bread (Jacksonville Beach)(***)

Here I'm .
Back out of the house and glad is Sunday, I get to relax from work a little and enjoy some time with my baby boy, Sunday we usually go out for lunch and our favorite place to go is Panera nothing better for a quick bite and not expensive and really delicious, their menu is big lots of choice, their soups are out of this world good, I went there times and times again and so fair no disappointment, one comment wait  two comments, first: They know everyone love them, so why not get a bigger place, this one here is so crownded and tables are so little , not very comfortable,so please owners do something about it,another thing that annoying is those people(I almost took a picture) that get in to the store take a table and do not order anything just there occupying space taking the place of a paying costumer, we were there for over a hour a  more then two tables were taking by those stupid people that go out with their laptop and not even order a coffee for crying out loud, why don't they go to their houses? or to a library, I'm sure they are not getting anything done anyway because is just impossible with all the noises, just really annoying the @% out of me when I see those idiots, if one day I own a restaurant or any kind store, if anyone comes in and stay that will be a comsuption  or you will be invite to leave and that is it.
Now back to their food: DELICIOUS everything is so good, their bread OMG make me feel hungry just thinking about it, and them when you get in the door the first thing you'll see is a delicious dessert bar with all kind of delicious sweeties, I can not ignore it I have to have them, their bagel, wow! I need to stop talking about it need to save some of the comments for our next visit to panera bread.
Good night to those whom are reading, please feel free to post any suggestions you may have! thank you so much , God bless us all.  nighty nighty

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Stone Wood Grill (****)

Hi! this restaurant thing is addicting, I'm loving it, who won't right?
Today I will talk about one of my favorite ever:+Stone Wood Grill and Tavern, they are so good, but so pricey that we only can afford going there once a month, we made this deal because we want to go there for years and we never had the courage to do so because of their prices, one day I said: what a heck? we are going there and there we went. the first visit was a little scary, why? I'm a simple girl(poor girl) even if I had money I will probably never pay $90 for a bottle of wine, you got my point right?
but because of their food is sooooo good we loved and we decide to put it in our favorite list(oh yes I have a favorite list: that is another post)  and we try to go there at least once a month, I believe that one thing we can do for ourselves here in earth is eat well( and I'm not encouraging over eating ) when I say eat well is eat good food really what else can we do only for us?
our first outing of the year was in great style, great food good company and my beautiful son of course what else?
our order was : Mac cheese for our young men, for me :blackened chicken pasta  and my husband pot roast,  the pot roast was divine, also a salad that also very yummy fresh fresh fresh, and tonight I learned few things : what blackened chicken means and That i do not like it not even a bit of it, on the other hand the pasta that comes with it is delicious what inspired me to try to remake that at home of course without the blackened marination(real bad) pasta with asparagus and spinach so so good oh! I also learned that I do not like sun dried tomatoes,
I forgot to mention that they have this thing:chicken flat bread wow! yea! that is delicious as a appetizer. I ask for a coffee because was very cold outside so I want to warm a little, even their coffee was delicious can you believe it? usually the coffee in most restaurants are just dirty water really, and that is why I'm still up now is 12:46 am and I'm up like a light, but all worth it.
Good Night and good eats everyone, don't forget to check back in to see if we checked your favorite restaurant next.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Carrabas Italian gril

Hi and a happy New Year everyone! on Dec  31 we went down to Carrabas on Jacksonville Beach, talk about fast services... That was a very good experience I recommend highly to anyone that loves Italian food , the waiter was very nice and know his stuff, very professional and passionate about what he does, I like to see this in people no matter what you do, do with passion, and everything we order come so fast that they did not gave time for me to complain or set the clock as I usually do, I know I can be picky at times but don't we all are like this? I just thing that you have to be choosy in order to get the best in life, people that know me tell me that I'm hard to please, well not really, I just know what I want and also know what I don't want and I'm not afraid to say it.
Back to our  Carrabas adventures... .... I had a very delicious Lasagna , my son had a cheese ravioli and my husband had a Steak  everything was perfect and not very expensive we paid a little over $60 and so worthy.
What a delicious way to end my year!
May God give me the chance to have more of those during the year of 2013.
Happy and Healthy New Year to everyone, feel free to make a suggestion in our next adventure, we are always looking for some new place.