Sunday, July 20, 2014

European Street Cafe (Beach Blvd)

Hi everyone I'm back...  Had been crazy lately, but summer time is always crazy good.
      I'm going to talk about the European CafĂ©  we have here at Beach Blvd in Jacksonville Beach FL
Its this couzi great food , we like to go there for lunch, they have great sandwiches, their staff could use some more manners, obviasly they are not trained, I just don't understand why would a company like them would put their name in the hands of a not trained  staff? If was me that had a great name like them I would work really hard on training my staff , its not like they don't get paid enough for their services because they are. So what is the problem? Yong and inresponsable   people , sadly because I'm not sure we will go back again. Manager on the floor??? never see one, if there is one

Monday, August 5, 2013


     We spent the weekend in Orlando took my son to universal studios and of course went out to eat a lot and as usual we had some new and exciting experiences, yesterday night went to Joe's Crab shack, and I loved not so much my son and husband, what I can tell you is if you are not a seafood lover this is not the place for you, they do not know how to prepare a simple mini hamburgers or a steak they both were uneatable I felt sorry for both of them but I loved my order: Steam pot delicious and just the way I love , so so good  and the place is great too if you are in the mood for some music and great seafood they are the place, ha! and on the middle the wait staff stop and start dancing so cool my son had a blast and I did too, was the perfect way to finish  our weekend  in Orlando.
       Remember if you are not seafood fan do not go there, because that's all they know, I honest think that they should eliminate the meat items out of their menu would be much better for them and less disappointing for the customers that come looking for meat. MEAT IS NOT THEIR THING.
        Price also is not bad very expected and affordable
        I love it but my husband and son did not because they do not eat seafood.
        Now you have to come out here and try them and see for yourself and remember :if is good and look good EAT IT .:-)


     Wow ! that's right! wow! every time we come here is an amazing experience, the food always soooo good , the kitchen staff knows what they are doing, and they do it well done.
      Because is little pricey(but worth every penny) we don't come here as often as we would like to but every time we come is always a delicious and very nice place to be very nice place to end your day, the ambient , the staff, and the food  is so good.
       Two reminders if you are thinking of coming here: 1 bring a jacket they keep inside freezing . 2 if you have a kid bring something to keep them busy, they are not very kid friendly they do not have a kids menu in a paper no entertainment  for kids so bring your own.
      Besides of those two things everything else here is amazing and worth every penny.
      Good eats everyone! :-)

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Restaurants at Roscoe Rd

Hi everyone,
Long time no see , well with the economy the way it is we try to cut down our budget, and we have not going out to eat as much as I would like to, and besides my business is really crazy right now, its taking all my time most of the days I'm getting home around 7 at night and with a little boy at home I almost have no time for my blog, but I still love to write and I'm learning a lot too, as you may notice English is not my primary language ( by the way, I'm looking for a English tutor for over a year now and just seems like not one is available )  back to what is important  at least here( lol)
     Saturday we decided to go for a lunch at Lulu's at Roscoe and Omg let me tell you how disappointed we were : their menu is only for fish lovers and we are not, so I think I could stop writing right? but I will not, almost  every item on menu was sea food , they had nothing for a simple small lunch but we were there, so we had to stay ...
     We had chicken teriak kabob  my husband was able to eat his but  I??? I do not remember eating nothing like that before and not in a good way . I end up hungry wishing I had never gone there for lunch.... so disappointed....
     So for today this is all but I have a lot more to write about Roscoe restaurants .

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Poppys Italiano (*****)

That's right , five star on my view and my family also! we all loved, Poppys Italiano is Family owned and operated Italian restaurant here in Ponte Vedra, even though the competition is hard specially at their location, They are located at the little mall with Bluetique and very close to Pussers and some other new bar that I forgot the name right now, but I'm really cheering for them, I want to try for few months now and today we did, and for those who knows me know that I'm a little afraid of changes and trying new things(boring right? I know, but I like to live in the safe zone) back to the restaurants...Poppy's food was great, we had shrimp scampi,cheese ravioli and  rigatoni with sausage OMG everything was so delicious and I'm not saying this because I was hungry in fact was not hungry and did not want get out of the house, but we did and I'm so glad we did.
The services were great also was not too many waiters all over the place, what I noticed with my adventures is that the more waiters the restaurant have the more time you the guests will wait and the services tend to be worse, I don't know what it is with them but I guess they work better in smaller numbers and the kitchen staff wow, super fast and the restaurant was crowded even that did not slow the kitchen down .
I'm so happy I found Poppys( was a referral from a friend) she knows my adventures and she is the one that told me and I'm so glad we tried and more glad we love.
Great place you should go try and then tell me what you think I will love to hear from you!
Thank you so much for reading, see you  at the next restaurant in town.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Pussers grill (Caribean Food)(***)

Well I'm back , I have been busy with lots of things going on and any little time left I'm trying to get my bookeeping paper work ready for our CPA , well sunday super bowl sunday we went to pussers for lunch just before the game before the big crowd, well  the restaurant was empty that made me think that was going to be faster and good service rigth? nope. I have experienced that when they are empty the service are poor and slow, I don't get it one day I will ask someone, for now I can only wonder.
took forever  for someone finally come to our table and took even longer four our lunch to arrive Oh! what deception, I thought that was going to be great but not so much, our food was ok, and I don't like ok food I like great food.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Outback Take out (**)

Hi there,
Yea! we did  again, last night Saturday night( Jan 27,2013) but because my husband worked all day and was very tired we decide to order out instead of going out, we choose one of our favorite places to go (Outback Steak House) I'm going to tell you their dinne in experience is great but when it comes to take out  DON'T DO IT,  why? well lets put it this way: packing is horrible, portion sizes is horrible, I think they care less for the take out people, what I find a little upsetting because we paid the same money if we were inside , take out is not a discount price and they treat you like you are having your food for free, you know like they put a little or not any though in packing our dinner and caring for , that was very aggravated.
   Lets talk about their website: really annoying to order from while even chili's make their website so easy to navigate and order from, ,Outback makes exactly the opposite, what i think they do it on purpose so people will not come back and do it online, what also I don't get, if you offer a service than do it well, or don't offer at all.
    I order crab legs I was very excited about it, until it arrived; it said was  a pound  but I don't think tree legs make a pound, asparagus and green beans looked like they were grilled the day before.
    My son want a mac cheese and they manage to mess it up how  do you mess up a mac cheese?
    My husband had beef kabob, that's was funny because only one kabob and that one had only tree pieces of beef in it the rest of the stick was full of peppers  he thought was the veggie kabob, but he was so tired that we just let it go, but cost us over $50  and  a decision to make: NEVER DO A TAKE OUT AT OUTBACK STEAK HOUSE AGAIN.