Friday, December 28, 2012

Lattitude 30

Hi everyone! I hope this can help or at least  entertain you for a while, I know my English is not the best one yet but I will get there, I'm learning so please feel free to help me out with tips on grammar it will be much appreciated.
The reason I feel like writing this today is because we are getting tired and sick of the restaurants in our area, don't get me wrong, are some very very good out there( Barbara Jeans) I'm sure if you are in the area you know what I'm talking about they have the best food but the worst service.
 They are not the focus of my writing today, at least not yet, the  place we tried today was latitude 30 (I think that's the name) the one on Philips way close to the avenues mall ,OMG that place is very cool the area was very smartly planned and I know they are making lots of money, OK if they are making a lots of money why not invest on proper training of the employees? seriously. We got there, the place like I mention before is impressive , the service not so much, and please don't give me the old excuse that they don't get paid enough, I think is not about the money, you should love what you do or at least try hard to do it right nobody is forcing to do it so do it right and pretend that you like what you do. we got seated and our waiter come to us, well not knowing much about the restaurant and had no suggestion on what was the best to eat ???? took forever for the food to arrive but I know that maybe was not her fault and them took another good time for her to show up again I ask for water and I'm waiting until now. I never saw her again a guy come and brought us the bill (very reasonable) and nobody show up to pick up we waited for at least 15 min  and we had to pay in cash because by them I was getting aggravated  and we choose to leave, well bad experience at the restaurant side right? we decided to go to play or try to play something and just could not! too loud too confusing  lanes on bowling were reserved for some invisible people.
One thing we learned today: one place not to go back to , at least  one place that I was very curious about it and not any more. I wish that you guys go and try and make you own opinion , just good luck with that.:-)

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