Sunday, December 30, 2012

Longhorn Steak House

Hi everyone its me or should I say us again. I say us because going out to eat is my family favorite thing to do, we are always looking for the best in town.
Yesterday (12/29/2012) Saturday night we went to the Longhorn, I have not been there in a long time our last experience was not so great that is why we had to stop going there  until we begin to miss their food and yesterday was that day , we stop there +Longhorn Steak House  at marsh landing so cosy inside warm and staff well trained, they looked like they all know what they were doing, even my little boy (I have a five years young boy) that always makes my adventures way more exciting , he loved is mac cheese and almost  eat at all (yea!) I had a steak with a egg (never had before) with asparagus(grilled) Loved the asparagus was the light of the night, my husband had chicken which also was very delicious with green beans, the only thing missing was hes mash potatoes they never show up even know that we order,besides this everything was great services and food a perfect combination and I'm not a very easy person as you may noticed, yesterday I was happy with our outing and very satisfied with our orders everything worked just the way they suppose to.
I highly recommend +The Longhorn Steak House out here in Ponte Vedra awesome place excellent food.   Feel free to leave your suggestions we are always in the hunt for our perfect place .
Thank you very much for reading.:-)

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