Sunday, July 20, 2014

European Street Cafe (Beach Blvd)

Hi everyone I'm back...  Had been crazy lately, but summer time is always crazy good.
      I'm going to talk about the European Café  we have here at Beach Blvd in Jacksonville Beach FL
Its this couzi great food , we like to go there for lunch, they have great sandwiches, their staff could use some more manners, obviasly they are not trained, I just don't understand why would a company like them would put their name in the hands of a not trained  staff? If was me that had a great name like them I would work really hard on training my staff , its not like they don't get paid enough for their services because they are. So what is the problem? Yong and inresponsable   people , sadly because I'm not sure we will go back again. Manager on the floor??? never see one, if there is one

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