Friday, January 4, 2013

Carrabas Italian gril

Hi and a happy New Year everyone! on Dec  31 we went down to Carrabas on Jacksonville Beach, talk about fast services... That was a very good experience I recommend highly to anyone that loves Italian food , the waiter was very nice and know his stuff, very professional and passionate about what he does, I like to see this in people no matter what you do, do with passion, and everything we order come so fast that they did not gave time for me to complain or set the clock as I usually do, I know I can be picky at times but don't we all are like this? I just thing that you have to be choosy in order to get the best in life, people that know me tell me that I'm hard to please, well not really, I just know what I want and also know what I don't want and I'm not afraid to say it.
Back to our  Carrabas adventures... .... I had a very delicious Lasagna , my son had a cheese ravioli and my husband had a Steak  everything was perfect and not very expensive we paid a little over $60 and so worthy.
What a delicious way to end my year!
May God give me the chance to have more of those during the year of 2013.
Happy and Healthy New Year to everyone, feel free to make a suggestion in our next adventure, we are always looking for some new place.

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