Sunday, January 27, 2013

Outback Take out (**)

Hi there,
Yea! we did  again, last night Saturday night( Jan 27,2013) but because my husband worked all day and was very tired we decide to order out instead of going out, we choose one of our favorite places to go (Outback Steak House) I'm going to tell you their dinne in experience is great but when it comes to take out  DON'T DO IT,  why? well lets put it this way: packing is horrible, portion sizes is horrible, I think they care less for the take out people, what I find a little upsetting because we paid the same money if we were inside , take out is not a discount price and they treat you like you are having your food for free, you know like they put a little or not any though in packing our dinner and caring for , that was very aggravated.
   Lets talk about their website: really annoying to order from while even chili's make their website so easy to navigate and order from, ,Outback makes exactly the opposite, what i think they do it on purpose so people will not come back and do it online, what also I don't get, if you offer a service than do it well, or don't offer at all.
    I order crab legs I was very excited about it, until it arrived; it said was  a pound  but I don't think tree legs make a pound, asparagus and green beans looked like they were grilled the day before.
    My son want a mac cheese and they manage to mess it up how  do you mess up a mac cheese?
    My husband had beef kabob, that's was funny because only one kabob and that one had only tree pieces of beef in it the rest of the stick was full of peppers  he thought was the veggie kabob, but he was so tired that we just let it go, but cost us over $50  and  a decision to make: NEVER DO A TAKE OUT AT OUTBACK STEAK HOUSE AGAIN.

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