Friday, January 18, 2013


well! here again! I was a little to busy with work and forgot to take care of myself, got a little sick,(today  friday night ) we were supossed to go out is our family night thing but I have a bladder infection , I know not fun at all feeling lots of pain and taking antibiotic not my favorite thing, my young boy is sleeping and I can go to sleep because of my pain so I'm catching up with my writings,last sunday(01/13/13) we visited Tombos a famous place in Philips hgwy, I used to love there a few years back we used to go there all the time for breakfeast homemade food fast services, real flavor, thats the way used to be , but for a not very good surprise last sunday the food nor the services wass good???? yea! thats how I felt, I felt like asking what happen? because the services was so slow, we asked for a chocolate milk for my son and the lady made sure to clean all the tables before and then we asked again for our chocolate and she said :"its coming." so I thought someone else was making right? but no, after she finished all the tables not kidding she went to the fridge with the most ugly face on grab a gallon of milk and finally started making the chocolate milk.... I was puzzled, but well until then we did not knowthat the food was going to be bad, we thought was all worth for the food, wrong, after a long wait what never had happen before the food came and  you can tell that they change the cooker and maybe the owner, I don't know how to explain but we will not going back there for a while specially on a sunday no no no, what was very sad and dessappointeing because we truly loved their food before, my true wish is the some how they read this and maybe fix it because they have a great name now I don't know if they will continue to have, I'm sad! :-(

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