Sunday, January 13, 2013

Table 21 (**)

January 11,2013 Friday night our family night out, well after a hard day of work I decided to put my happy face on and head we go,tried to go to a new place but very not appropriate for young kids, because my son is only 5 years young You will not read here a bar review,(sorry) I  want to go again to table 21, because my first experience was not so great at all so I decided to give it a try one more time...What was I thinking? waste of my night out.
That's right waste of a good time with family, the place was very full what make me think the people around here have no taste at all they have no idea what good food is, good food is the reason you go to a restaurant right? apparently not, I have no idea how they manage to stay full with that food.
they charge $2.00 for a bread and flat bread has a separate space on the menu and is no in the appetizer , weird and pricey and not that good... I had this idea (stupid) of trying fish tacos, big gigantic no no, never had before and sure will never have it again, let s leave at that.
my son as usual loves mac and cheese  and my husband had steak and was very very dry, so after waiting almost 20 min to be seated, almost 10 min for our waitress come to our table, almost 30 min for our food and paying over $60  we left very disappointed and I know now that I'm not going back there any time soon.
Here is all what I have to say about them and I rest my case now is up to you to decide to give a try or NOT.                                                         

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