Sunday, January 6, 2013

Panera Bread (Jacksonville Beach)(***)

Here I'm .
Back out of the house and glad is Sunday, I get to relax from work a little and enjoy some time with my baby boy, Sunday we usually go out for lunch and our favorite place to go is Panera nothing better for a quick bite and not expensive and really delicious, their menu is big lots of choice, their soups are out of this world good, I went there times and times again and so fair no disappointment, one comment wait  two comments, first: They know everyone love them, so why not get a bigger place, this one here is so crownded and tables are so little , not very comfortable,so please owners do something about it,another thing that annoying is those people(I almost took a picture) that get in to the store take a table and do not order anything just there occupying space taking the place of a paying costumer, we were there for over a hour a  more then two tables were taking by those stupid people that go out with their laptop and not even order a coffee for crying out loud, why don't they go to their houses? or to a library, I'm sure they are not getting anything done anyway because is just impossible with all the noises, just really annoying the @% out of me when I see those idiots, if one day I own a restaurant or any kind store, if anyone comes in and stay that will be a comsuption  or you will be invite to leave and that is it.
Now back to their food: DELICIOUS everything is so good, their bread OMG make me feel hungry just thinking about it, and them when you get in the door the first thing you'll see is a delicious dessert bar with all kind of delicious sweeties, I can not ignore it I have to have them, their bagel, wow! I need to stop talking about it need to save some of the comments for our next visit to panera bread.
Good night to those whom are reading, please feel free to post any suggestions you may have! thank you so much , God bless us all.  nighty nighty

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