Sunday, January 27, 2013

Cici's Pizza(*)

Hi to you that is reading this, last Sunday afternoon we decided not to go to Panera so I would have something to write, right? bad decision. why? well Cici's has a god name in the Ponte Vedra area and is always full so why not try it, and so we did, the lady that came to help us(waitress) poor thing we had to ask time and time again for the same thing, she brought me a water(tap water) if you live  here you know that this water is not safe to drink I know is not her fault, but I would prefer to pay for my water instead of getting a horrible cup of tap water, that by the way I did not ask for, , I order coke, some how she thought was the same thing, we ask for chocolate milk and he received half cup of chocolate milk, my son was not happy about it,  well we want to keep a budget of $10 per person was a lite lunch, and we did, that was cool we just pay a little under $30, My husband order a chicken sandwich that come with everything on it but the chicken, not kidding some how they forgot to add chicken to the chicken sandwich( funny) but we decide not to say anything, we  were in a good mood, and hes cucumber salad  came with few pieces of cucumber, but you can tell that the main ingredient in the salad was tomatoes, so why not rename the salad to tomato salad? my son's chicken finger came straight out of the microwave, was white and not cooked at all, poor baby he did not like it at all.  My salad was good the greens were fresh and crispy I like that and my sandwich a small one also was good, but it took so long for the food to arrive that we thought they had forgot us, seriously, well that was another bad choice, but I still want to try their pizza, maybe we will have better luck with that.
Thank you for your time. :-)

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