Saturday, January 5, 2013

Stone Wood Grill (****)

Hi! this restaurant thing is addicting, I'm loving it, who won't right?
Today I will talk about one of my favorite ever:+Stone Wood Grill and Tavern, they are so good, but so pricey that we only can afford going there once a month, we made this deal because we want to go there for years and we never had the courage to do so because of their prices, one day I said: what a heck? we are going there and there we went. the first visit was a little scary, why? I'm a simple girl(poor girl) even if I had money I will probably never pay $90 for a bottle of wine, you got my point right?
but because of their food is sooooo good we loved and we decide to put it in our favorite list(oh yes I have a favorite list: that is another post)  and we try to go there at least once a month, I believe that one thing we can do for ourselves here in earth is eat well( and I'm not encouraging over eating ) when I say eat well is eat good food really what else can we do only for us?
our first outing of the year was in great style, great food good company and my beautiful son of course what else?
our order was : Mac cheese for our young men, for me :blackened chicken pasta  and my husband pot roast,  the pot roast was divine, also a salad that also very yummy fresh fresh fresh, and tonight I learned few things : what blackened chicken means and That i do not like it not even a bit of it, on the other hand the pasta that comes with it is delicious what inspired me to try to remake that at home of course without the blackened marination(real bad) pasta with asparagus and spinach so so good oh! I also learned that I do not like sun dried tomatoes,
I forgot to mention that they have this thing:chicken flat bread wow! yea! that is delicious as a appetizer. I ask for a coffee because was very cold outside so I want to warm a little, even their coffee was delicious can you believe it? usually the coffee in most restaurants are just dirty water really, and that is why I'm still up now is 12:46 am and I'm up like a light, but all worth it.
Good Night and good eats everyone, don't forget to check back in to see if we checked your favorite restaurant next.

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